• 1. Is my case suitable for DIrect Public Access?

    Whilst most cases are suitable for Public Access, not all are. When you first approach me or my clerks, we will give you an indication as to whether or not your case is suitable. It may be that we cannot give a view until I have seen the paperwork. A case that may at first be suitable for Public Access, may later become unsuitable. I will keep this under review. If it becomes necessary for you to instruct a solicitor, I will do my best to put you in touch with the right solicitor. It will then be a matter for you whether or not you wish to continue to instruct me through a solicitor. For further information, please read the Bar Council's guidance here.
  • 2. Why should I go to a barrister rather than a solicitor?

    Barrister are highly skilled lawyers who are experts in their field. They are used to the pressured environment of a court hearing. Even the most experienced solicitors instruct barristers to provide specialist advice, draft documents and appear in court. By instructing a barrister on a Public Access basis, you are to make significant costs savings by only instructing one lawyer. But do bear in mind that a barrister will not be able to carry out all of the day to day case management tasks that a solicitor would normally do. If you do not feel able to do this yourself, then Public Access is probably not suitable for you.
  • 3. What can a barrister do for me?

    A barrister will not be able to have day to day conduct of your case. He or she will be able to:
    • Provide you with expert advice at any stage of the process, either face to face, on the telephone or in writing
    • Draft documents and letters for you.
    • Represent you at hearings.
    • Negotiate with the other party's lawyers.
    • Guide you in the conduct of the case, for example what needs to be done by you in preparation for a hearing.
  • 4. How do I instruct you?

    Speak to my clerks Tony, Tim or Charlotte on 0207 353 0711.
  • 5. What if I am unsure whether or not to instruct you?

    If you think it would help you to make a decision, please feel free to telephone my clerks and ask them to arrange a meeting, either face to face or by telephone.

If you have any other questions, my clerks will be happy to answer them. Alternatively, email me or fill in the contact form here.